2F: WHITE Party 2012 – Technicolor Preview

Here is a sneak peek of the promo series for one of the biggest electronic dance music events in Asia, now featured on the Technicolor Cinestyle website.

Onyx Cinema team members, Michael and Georgia, were flown over to Taiwan to cover on of its largest EDM events of the summer. The company that hired them wanted to give a different style from local videography companies, and that’s where we give our cinematic Onyx Cinema treatment.

For two cameramen to cover such a fast paced event, it was imperative that we use lightweight cameras that were good in low light. That’s where the Canon 5D Mark III and the Canon 60D come in.

But in such events where there’s a need for both low light performance butto also retain detail with extreme highlights, the DSLRs needed a little bit of extra help. That help came in the form of the Technicolor Cinestyle picture style for Canon DSLRs.

Onyx Cinema partnered up with Technicolor to combine their picture style with their yet-released Color Assist tool, designed for Cinestyle footage.

The marriage of run and gun with high end Hollywood production tools was a great success. Tickets for the next year’s EDM concert go on sale soon, and this video will only be a small part of the advertising campaign. Stay tuned for the full promo!

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