NAB – The Geek Adventure

NAB (The National Association of Broadcasters) holds a massive show each year in Las Vegas to feature all the new electronic toys for storytellers, both in broadcast and digital filmmaking. We’ve been going yearly for a while now, and every trip is a new adventure.

There are SOOOOO many toys that we don’t even have time to look at them all. It’s massive. So massive that we gave up on taking pictures at some point. But we do have a fun little video coming :-)

Highlights from the event:

-Watching Steadicam(r) inventor Garrett Brown receive a yet another lifetime achievement award
-Getting drunk and going to an NAB sponsored night club that same night
-Being hung over the following day. Thankfully Emily cooked some hangover curing breakfast.
-Doing the GoPro chant in hopes of getting a free GoPro.
-Coming back to the GoPro booth the next day and watching Emily and Marcus do a crazy GoPro custom cheer. And winning a GoPro each.

Our video is coming up soon!


Technicolor Color Assist on FCPX

So we’ve been great friends with Technicolor since summer of last year. They’ve made leaps and bounds with helping indie filmmakers grab ahold of the power of 100+ years of experience and technology for their color grading projects.

They helped us bring together the first public releases of Technicolor projects with our Asian EDM Concert Promo and our wedding company’s Wedding Reel. These were both in Premiere Pro CS6, which we jumped ship to when Apple went to Final Cut Pro X – which was missing a lot of features we needed at time of launch.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Apple and it looks like they have definitely added more pro features, but we remained pretty hesitant about using their workflow. But now with Technicolor adding support for the controversial editing software, FCPX deserves a second look.

Whether we love it or hate it will largely depend on us taking it for a test spin on one of our current projects. We’ll report back with our thoughts :-)



Onyx Cinema’s First Studio!

We have been talking about it for a long while. We thought it was a pipe dream. But now it’s real. We have a space to call our own. Our home away from home. A place to collaborate with fellow filmmakers, photographers and all artists!

We so serious… but where are we?

Posing Onyx Style!

Oppa Onyx Style!

Nope, not done!
< Still not done! a href="">
Warming up for the final reveal!

Catching serious air!

We couldn’t resist making a gag out of the photo announcement :-)

It has been quite an adventure getting the studio filled with fun collaborative work spaces and a nice cushy reception area. All the teasers were elements of the character of the studio space and we can’t wait to share the fun with everybody!

Stay tuned for the details of our grand opening event!


Sneak Peek // Onyx Evolution

It’s been all over our Onyx Cinema and alumiq productions Facebook pages and we will continue to trickle out more images. You may be sort of putting the pieces in your head of what we’re up to, but just you wait for the full announcement the beginning of February :-)

That’s all for now ^_-


Hands-on Intro to Cinestyle and Color Assist

So if you’ve watched our videos on the Technicolor Cinestyle Website as well as on our blog post, you’re probably wondering WHAT exactly did the picture style and software actually DO for our projects and HOW. We run you through the process with an intro to the Cinestyle picture style and how it marries with the Color Assist software within our projects in the video below.

Read on for more details.
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Onyx Cinema Featured on Technicolor Website

Onyx Cinema and our sister company Alumiq Productions are the first to have work featured on Technicolor’s Cinestyle Website! Featured from Onyx Cinema is the event promo video we filmed in Asia and from alumiq productions is our new wedding cinematography reel.

Onyx Cinema had a chance to work with preview versions of Technicolor’s new software, dubbed “Color Assist”, which is a fast color grading tool that is based on the same technology used on Hollywood productions. This is perfectly paired with their camera picture style named “Cinestyle”, which was released a while ago for the Canon DSLRs and has a version on the GoPro cameras.

Read on to watch the videos!
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Onyx KNOWs

It begins!

The people behind Onyx Cinema as well as its sister wedding film company Alumiq Productions, has always enjoyed sharing knowledge with others and learning from great people within the filmmaking industry.

The Onyx Cinema Team signed up to the one-day KNOW workshop held by the Emmy Award winning filmmaking team, Stillmotion. Stillmotion revolutionized the wedding video industry with their above and beyond cinematic storytelling and now apply it to commercial work. They are, in a way, the birth of the independent filmmaking revolution that empowered filmmakers with a low budget. We are also happy to have them as teachers and mentors.

The members of Onyx Cinema have always marveled at Stillmotion’s artistry and have been influenced by them while finding out own voice and style. Our attending their 11/11/2012 workshop was definitely a treat for us.

This blog post is populated with the voices of Onyx Cinema team members and what they took away from the workshop.

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Taiwan 2012 – Blog Preview

For those stalking our facebook page, you may already know that we had been shipped out to Taipei, Taiwan a couple of times. We were hired as guest filmmakers to cover one of the biggest concerts of the year, with guests numbering tens of thousands Now, we have just returned from our second trip to the country formerly known as Formosa (for the uninitiated, check the Wikipedia page), this time for the Halloween party.
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P.O.D Music Video – “Higher”

A couple months back, Onyx Cinema posted a blog update about our own steadicam operator Michael Shu running down along with our Red Scarlet-X to San Diego to shoot with Talkboy TV on their music video set. It was a pleasant surprise that he would be filming the band P.O.D., well known for their early songs “Youth of the Nation” and “Boom”.

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