Onyx Cinema Unboxing RED SCARLET-X

Our RED representative called us saying that our SCARLET-X was ready for pick up. We were so excited, we brought the kids and an HMC150 with us to film the unboxing at RED in Irvine.

As the employees were walking into the lobby to go home for the day, we were greeted with smiles and congratulations. It was a great feeling.

Thanks to the folks at RED!


Coming Soon…

a sneak peek of a special photo session from the Onyx Cinema team!


Michael Shu is “Armed with a Camera”

Director Michael Shu alongside fellow filmmakers in the Armed with a Camera 2012 fellowship

We are pleased to announce that Onyx Cinema’s very own Michael Shu has been selected as one of 10 fellows in the Visual Communications “Armed with a Camera” fellowship.  The fellowship offers mentorship and workshops to the chosen 10 to help produce their films.  The films are to be screened at the 2012 Asian American Film Festival.

Michael Shu is collaborating with the talented screenwriter, Owen Andrade and the members of the recently founded 68 Degrees Films group to develop and produce the short film, entitled “Unmentionables”.

Full Announcement Here

Pre-production is currently underway.  If anybody would like to collaborate in this production, feel free to contact us!


Sneak Peek – steadicam “one-er”

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu is one of the founders of the 68 Degrees Films group, creating competition films that challenge our fellow filmmakers to get better and better at their craft.  Their first film together is encased within a single steadicam shot.Continue Reading..


Photo Gallery Coming Soon!

Our gallery of photography work is under construction.  Please come back soon!

Image used with permission from Georgia Yeh Photography


Every 15 Minutes

Every 15 Minutes, someone dies from an alcohol related vehicle collision.

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back 2 back on the battlefield

Our very own Anthony Vu and Charlice Lin capture the events of a car crash recreation as it happens.  This was on the “set” of La Mirada’s “Every 15 Minutes” shoot.

I smile every time I see this photo.  Especially Anthony’s hardcore concentrating stare instead of his usually endless smiling.


Photography by Marlin Munoz


Blood Trail

Cinematographer Michael Shu is the director of photography for the award winning short film “Blood Trail”.  It’s the directorial debut for master swordsman and choreographer Anthony DeLongis. The film won “Best Western” in the 2010 Action on Film International Film Festival.
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St. Haniel Commercial

The Noguchi Kanko Group of Hokkaido, Japan, shares the experience of tying the knot at their special Meisuitei Hotel’s St. Haniel location in the lush forests of Hokkaido.
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AdamOrEve iPhone App

Percipo, the company behind the iPhone apps AdamOrEve, PhotoAge, PeerBeauty and more asked us to produce a series of web commercials for them.

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