Blood Trail

Cinematographer Michael Shu is the director of photography for the award winning short film “Blood Trail”.  It’s the directorial debut for master swordsman and choreographer Anthony DeLongis. The film won “Best Western” in the 2010 Action on Film International Film Festival.

From Michael Shu:

I was introduced to Anthony by Kendall Wells because of my being an instructor of Japanese swordsmanship at the International Shinkendo Federation, which both Anthony and DeLongis trained in.  I drove to their incredible ranch, surrounded by nature, and was briefed with what they had in mind.

The sky was the limit with the huge amount of land that was available to us.  We had horses, guns, costumes and all sorts of great stuff to create an old western, pre-cowboy era piece.  Most people would call this “cowboys with swords”.

The budget only allowed for DSLR shooting with a bare bones kit.  I was pretty much a one-man camera crew.  Everybody I worked with on the shoot was awesome!  I got out of my city-boy comfort zone and got a taste of cowboy for a couple of days.

A Film by Anthony DeLongis delongis.com/​
Starring Anthony DeLongis and Kendall Wells kendallwells.com
Cinematography by Michael Shu of Onyx Cinema onyxcinema.com

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