Boudoir with RED SCARLET-X

A little while ago, we (Anthony, Georgia and Michael) all had the opportunity to test our SCARLET-X “Rockwell” on the Steadicam Zephyr and the Midas Mount on a boudoir shoot. We are having a blast filming with SCARLET-X.

One of the tools we didn’t get to use was the DSMC Side Handle. We’re curious to try it out on set and see how well it speeds things up. People seem to swear by it. As much as we like the touch screen controls, we would like to get our hands on the hard keys.

Filming in a location that was a natural bounce board made it so a lighting setup was unnecessary, but also put the dynamic range of the camera to the test.

Even with us just learning how to operate “Rockwell”, the Red footage impressed us with its flexibility, but also showed us the behavior of the footage when there are beams of sunlight, clipping the highlights. The flexibility of the R3D files allowed us to tweak to our heart’s content, in Redcine-X Pro, to make a couple of clipped shots work well. Redcine-X pro is definitely a BIG improvement over Redcine-X and I can’t go back.

Along with balancing the package to the steadicam, it was a great overall learning experience made easy due to the subject matter of course. 🙂

We took our R3D into Red Cine X Pro and transcoded out to Apple Pro Res 422 at 2k. Edited in Final Cut Pro. So nothing fancy in terms of 4k workflow. We still love the footage at 2k. Typography was done in After Effects.

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