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Sony A7s vs. GH4 vs. C100 vs. 5D Mark III Camera Test

Hi guys! So about 10 months ago our team decided to review some cameras that we had recently acquired and wanted to see how well each of them performed in dynamic range, low light, and slow motion. We wanted to see the strengths of each camera and how we can effectively use our gear to our advantage. One thing we really believe in is understanding our equipment so well that we wouldn’t be hindered by the limitations of what we have (or don’t have). We also wanted to share everything we’ve learned, hence the inspiration of our gear reviews. It was just so much fun for our team and collaborators to get together and just talk geek! We loved it so much that we continued to create videos of gear that we WANTED to learn more about, and today we want to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for inspiring us to share everything we’ve learned and starting awesome discussions with us. Thank you for all the support and comments.

Cheers to many more fun learning! Here are some comments on our series and thank you all for the awesome discussions we’ve read in your comments.

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You can check out our Part I, Part II, and Part III videos. Special thanks to Colin Pregent for making this possible!


The Storytellers are the Game-Changers: “Do More With Less”

In case you missed it, here is a photo recap of Michael’s talk at NAB. Special thanks to Megan Pangan for capturing these photos. We love them! Connect with us at for mentorship opportunities or to simply say HI. We love hearing from new and old friends. Thank you so much for dropping by.

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-5

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-2

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-3

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-6

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-11

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-16

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-17

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-19

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-27

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-26

Michael Shu Speaks at NAB2015 By Megan Pangan-29


Random Vlog 7-12-2013

With the summer heat, we’re all busy editing. But that doesn’t mean we’re too busy to throw something totally random on the blog!

Here’s the result of throwing Marcus’s GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition in front of Michael’s Honda Fit 2007 Black Color… on the way back from a shoot up in Northern California.


Day 2 of Onyx Shoot for Technicolor

Welcome to day two of our collaboration with Technicolor. The Onyx crew, along with some of Dark Sunny Entertainment, spent the day working on a mock behind-the-scenes shoot. What that means is we created a shot list of all things that would happen during a typical shoot – unloading the gear, setting up the RED, balancing the counterweights on the jib, prepping the model, and of course, taking some shots just for fun!

We had our fellow friend and cinematographer Andy Chen act as our Director of Photography and Emily Kung as Director. Meanwhile, Michael, armed with our newest addition, the Canon C100, captured those two in action.

Thanks to our model, Elisha Khan, who stood by the train tracks and was even willing to do “the robot” for us a couple times. You may see Elisha as an investigator in Criminal Minds. What? I didn’t say anything.

And round of applause to our make-up artist, Illyne Michel, who has some mad skills with the brushes and stayed with us ’til the end.

Can’t wait to share the actual footage, but before then, these photos (courtesy of our photographer, Georgia Yeh) will give you a sense of what we’ve been up to in our studios. Stay tuned!


Day 1 of Onyx Shoot for Technicolor

Our past blog posts on Technicolor’s Color Assist and Cinestyle has led to a new project between Technicolor and Onyx! We don’t want to give too much away–the specifics can’t be revealed in its entirety yet, but here’s a sneak peak to whet your appetite.

Last week we put the spotlight on the creative director of video at Technicolor at their offices in Burbank.

And Michael, who scored a free t-shirt while there, does a quick transformation from director to model…

Stay tuned for our Day 2, where we will be doing a behind the ‘behind the scenes’ shoot!


Sneak Peek // Onyx Evolution

It’s been all over our Onyx Cinema and alumiq productions Facebook pages and we will continue to trickle out more images. You may be sort of putting the pieces in your head of what we’re up to, but just you wait for the full announcement the beginning of February :-)

That’s all for now ^_-


Onyx KNOWs

It begins!

The people behind Onyx Cinema as well as its sister wedding film company Alumiq Productions, has always enjoyed sharing knowledge with others and learning from great people within the filmmaking industry.

The Onyx Cinema Team signed up to the one-day KNOW workshop held by the Emmy Award winning filmmaking team, Stillmotion. Stillmotion revolutionized the wedding video industry with their above and beyond cinematic storytelling and now apply it to commercial work. They are, in a way, the birth of the independent filmmaking revolution that empowered filmmakers with a low budget. We are also happy to have them as teachers and mentors.

The members of Onyx Cinema have always marveled at Stillmotion’s artistry and have been influenced by them while finding out own voice and style. Our attending their 11/11/2012 workshop was definitely a treat for us.

This blog post is populated with the voices of Onyx Cinema team members and what they took away from the workshop.

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Taiwan 2012 – Blog Preview

For those stalking our facebook page, you may already know that we had been shipped out to Taipei, Taiwan a couple of times. We were hired as guest filmmakers to cover one of the biggest concerts of the year, with guests numbering tens of thousands Now, we have just returned from our second trip to the country formerly known as Formosa (for the uninitiated, check the Wikipedia page), this time for the Halloween party.
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P.O.D Music Video – “Higher”

A couple months back, Onyx Cinema posted a blog update about our own steadicam operator Michael Shu running down along with our Red Scarlet-X to San Diego to shoot with Talkboy TV on their music video set. It was a pleasant surprise that he would be filming the band P.O.D., well known for their early songs “Youth of the Nation” and “Boom”.

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Boudoir by Georgia Yeh // Teaser

Georgia of Georgia Yeh Photography introduces her signature boudoir photography in style. This is a teaser of a mini-doc of how Georgia brings out the beauty of every woman and defines her own take on the art form of boudoir photography.

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