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Boudoir by Georgia Yeh // Teaser

Georgia of Georgia Yeh Photography introduces her signature boudoir photography in style. This is a teaser of a mini-doc of how Georgia brings out the beauty of every woman and defines her own take on the art form of boudoir photography.

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“Unmentionables” // behind the scenes

Take a peek into what it took to put together the short film directed by Michael Shu under the mentorship of Visual Communications.

Appearing in this little montage is footage from the two main shoot days in the laundromat and basement. You can see just how much concentration all of the crew had… and then some random antics… Hey, when you’re shooting until 7AM, it’s bound to happen, yes?
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“Unmentionables” Shoot Day 1 – The Laundromat

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu directs “Unmentionables” as part of Visual Communications’ “Armed with a Camera” fellowship for 2012. Wrapping its first shoot day of principle photography at a Hollywood laundromat, the film is scheduled to screen at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific American Film Festival of 2012.

Alice Wen and Edward Rowley in the opening scene of “Unmentionables”

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Red Scarlet-X on the Airfield

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu, Anthony Vu and Georgia Yeh bring their new Scarlet-X onto the Ontario Airport Air Field to film a 727 in action.

It was a super windy day with our lips flapping outside, but we had loads of fun.  The Scarlet-X is able to give the power of the Red cameras in smaller, confined spaces like the cockpit.

We took advantage of the EF mount Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 and the 50mm f/1.4.  Footage soon to be featured in our next addition to our “Works” section!



Sneak Peek – steadicam “one-er”

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu is one of the founders of the 68 Degrees Films group, creating competition films that challenge our fellow filmmakers to get better and better at their craft.  Their first film together is encased within a single steadicam shot.Continue Reading..


back 2 back on the battlefield

Our very own Anthony Vu and Charlice Lin capture the events of a car crash recreation as it happens.  This was on the “set” of La Mirada’s “Every 15 Minutes” shoot.

I smile every time I see this photo.  Especially Anthony’s hardcore concentrating stare instead of his usually endless smiling.


Photography by Marlin Munoz