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“Unmentionables” World Premiere at the Director’s Guild of America

Michael Shu’s short film for Visual Communications’ “Armed with a Camera” 2011-2012 fellowship premiered on Mother’s Day, May 13th atthe Director’s Guild of America’s grand Theater 1.

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“Unmentionables” // teaser trailer

The official teaser trailer of Michael Shu’s Visual Communications “Armed with a Camera” fellowship short!

A sneak peek into the dark world within the laundromat in a film starring Edward Rowley, Alice Wen and Luca Rodrigues. The teaser trailer features original music from talented film composer Chanda Dancy!

The film will be premiering at the Visual Communications “Digital Posse Ver. 2012” program on May 13th, 2012 at 7PM at the Director’s Guild of America Theater 1.

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“Unmentionables” // behind the scenes

Take a peek into what it took to put together the short film directed by Michael Shu under the mentorship of Visual Communications.

Appearing in this little montage is footage from the two main shoot days in the laundromat and basement. You can see just how much concentration all of the crew had… and then some random antics… Hey, when you’re shooting until 7AM, it’s bound to happen, yes?
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War of the Wolves

A short film by Michael Shu
Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the Burbank International Film Festival