Day 2 of Onyx Shoot for Technicolor

Welcome to day two of our collaboration with Technicolor. The Onyx crew, along with some of Dark Sunny Entertainment, spent the day working on a mock behind-the-scenes shoot. What that means is we created a shot list of all things that would happen during a typical shoot – unloading the gear, setting up the RED, balancing the counterweights on the jib, prepping the model, and of course, taking some shots just for fun!

We had our fellow friend and cinematographer Andy Chen act as our Director of Photography and Emily Kung as Director. Meanwhile, Michael, armed with our newest addition, the Canon C100, captured those two in action.

Thanks to our model, Elisha Khan, who stood by the train tracks and was even willing to do “the robot” for us a couple times. You may see Elisha as an investigator in Criminal Minds. What? I didn’t say anything.

And round of applause to our make-up artist, Illyne Michel, who has some mad skills with the brushes and stayed with us ’til the end.

Can’t wait to share the actual footage, but before then, these photos (courtesy of our photographer, Georgia Yeh) will give you a sense of what we’ve been up to in our studios. Stay tuned!

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