GoPro HD Hero 1 vs 2 // Streets of Los Angeles

GoPro HD Hero vs Hero 2 // Los Angeles City Streets from Onyx Cinema, Inc. on Vimeo.

After recently upgrading to the GoPro HD Hero 2, I was excited about testing the practical improvements made with version 2. We are about to embark on a trip to Taipei, Taiwan and wanted to test what we can get off the city streets.

I employed the use of a 3D housing from GoPro, only using it so I can get both cameras pointed in the same direction. I used the suction cup as the main mount, so the image proved to be a little bit jittery from the top-heaviness of the 3D rig. When I looked at the footage, I was immediately impressed with the improvements of clarity (through optics and sensor), the amazing field of view as well as low light ability.

Watch the video to see the side by side comparisons!

The people at GoPro are always a pleasure to communicate with, check them out at
I mention an impending firmware update that would make the image quality even better. Official press release . Release date unknown.

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