Music Steadicam-ing with Talkboy TV

Michael Shu recently had the fun chance to be one the shoots for three music videos being produced by TalkboyTV (www.talkboytv.com) as steadicam operator and bringing on Onyx Cinema’s Red Scarlet-X #66 “Rockwell”. What better way to blog about it than to use images enhanced with Instagram?


The first video, for artist Colette Carr, was a marriage of Red, DSLR and GoPro footage on a pool party in a Malibu mansion. The second video was shot in beautiful San Diego at the “Undisputed” Mixed Martial Arts gym for the Grammy-winning rock band “P.O.D.” The majority of the latter video was shot on our Scarlet-X and at least 80% was operated by Michael Shu on the steadicam Zephyr in a lightweight setup.


With Colette Carr’s video, the Scarlet served as a performance, jib and steadicam A camera, while the DSLRs got b-roll as well underwater shots, with mermaids… yes… mermaids. Or at least a lady with a huge, heavy rubber tail attached to her. Michael operated steadicam for key moments such as the scene dubbed “lady in a white t-shirt with hot pants washes a mini cooper” and the scene “girls in white t-shirts shooting super soakers at each other”. The resulting images were… eye-catching.

P.O.D.’s music video had less debauchery and featured the band on Harley Davidson motorcycles while the main character of the narrative hung out with low riders and MMA gym members. Michael’s steadicam with the Scarlet was the primary camera throughout the day. The day ended with a performance and narrative scene on the top of the gym featuring San Diego’s city skyline in a beautiful sunset.

The marriage between Red Scarlet-X and Steadicam Zephyr continues in its adventures on shoots all around town and beyond. To be continued!

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