NAB – The Geek Adventure

NAB (The National Association of Broadcasters) holds a massive show each year in Las Vegas to feature all the new electronic toys for storytellers, both in broadcast and digital filmmaking. We’ve been going yearly for a while now, and every trip is a new adventure.



There are SOOOOO many toys that we don’t even have time to look at them all. It’s massive. So massive that we gave up on taking pictures at some point. But we do have a fun little video coming 🙂

Highlights from the event:

-Watching Steadicam(r) inventor Garrett Brown receive a yet another lifetime achievement award
-Getting drunk and going to an NAB sponsored night club that same night
-Being hung over the following day. Thankfully Emily cooked some hangover curing breakfast.
-Doing the GoPro chant in hopes of getting a free GoPro.
-Coming back to the GoPro booth the next day and watching Emily and Marcus do a crazy GoPro custom cheer. And winning a GoPro each.

Our video is coming up soon!

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