Sneak Peek – steadicam “one-er”

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu is one of the founders of the 68 Degrees Films group, creating competition films that challenge our fellow filmmakers to get better and better at their craft.  Their first film together is encased within a single steadicam shot.

Along with co-founders Simon Schterenberg, Elaine Shengya Hu, Andy Chen, Georgia Yeh, Joseph Vu and Jakob Beetem, 68 Degrees Films and Onyx Cinema Productions pulled off a steadicam “one-er” shot on Oct 11th, 2011.  The shot was 3-4 minutes long and went all around a restaurant, following multiple characters.

Steadicam operator Michael Shu also wrote and directed this short. Starring Rhiann Woodyard, Alvin Lam, Kazumi Zatkin and Eric Guiterrez.  Set photography by Georgia Yeh.

We’ll keep you all updated with news as the post production concludes on this fun challenge!

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