Otto Instruments // A Small Company That’s Huge

Otto Instruments and Avionics approached us about the idea to create a video to celebrate over 60 years in the aviation industry. We were struck by how Otto Instruments, within the corporate success, was such a close-knit family company at its core.

We were compelled to tell a story not just featuring the business and technical achievements of the company, but the people and values that is the pulse of the company.

What resulted was a fun journey into the company, with new experiences of running around air hangars, jumping into airplanes and putting on cool anti-static lab coats.

This was the first time the company had a video crew running around their offices and asking questions in interviews, and we can tell how the production started to bring everybody together for the sake of cheering on their second family – Otto.

This film was completed around when Onyx Cinema acquired its Red Scarlet-X camera. So while the vast majority of the film was shot run & gun DSLR, we snuck a few bonus shots of our first field run of the nifty new camera into the final edit.

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