P.O.D Music Video – “Higher”

A couple months back, Onyx Cinema posted a blog update about our own steadicam operator Michael Shu running down along with our Red Scarlet-X to San Diego to shoot with Talkboy TV on their music video set. It was a pleasant surprise that he would be filming the band P.O.D., well known for their early songs “Youth of the Nation” and “Boom”.

Directed by Ramon Boutviseth and produced by Jaala Ruffman and Mikey Easterling, we got to meet the whole band, including Sonny Sandoval, Wuv Bernardo, Traa Daniels, and Marcos Curiel.

It was a great crew to work with, with even the EP lending a hand in the camera department for a little bit. Michael got to work with Corrin Hodgson for the second time (which led to another music video he DP’ed on). A great surprise hand in the crew was band member Traa’s son, Ricky, who is an up and coming assistant cameraman (AC) who was crucial to the focus of the steadicam shots for the majority of the day.

Shooting surrounded an MMA gym, where we shot inside, to the streets and parking lot. We made a quick trip to the nearby skating part to pick up the fun skateboarding shots featured in the music video.

The Scarlet-X captured some amazing images with the help of the Steadicam Zephyr, as can be seen in the above video. We can’t wait to share the behind the scenes video coming up!.

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