2F White Party 2012 // EDM Concert: Asia

event / commercial

Every summer, a huge party unfolds in Taipei, Taiwan, featuring the biggest electronic dance music DJ’s and drawing music lovers from all over the board. The creative director for The Loop Productions saw some of our event work and wanted us to give a fresh, cinematic take on the event advertisements.


It was just Michael and Georgia, doing the work of a team of six at a pulsating and high energy event. We wanted to get the angles nobody else would get, and went on and behind stage, as well as walked on the rafters 200 feet in the air. Applying our cinematic style was a true challenge amongst the sometimes chaotic party. After this, everything else we filmed seemed tame.


The following year, as the party got closer, the full add we edited was played on the TV screens on the streets of Taipei. We seemed to have inspired local Taiwan filmmakers to adopt the cinematic look, as we saw some videographers at the next event doing similarly crazy things. Well that just meant we had to think a little more out of the box each time we go and see who follows. 🙂