NAB 2015 Show Reel

commercial / documentary / narrative / event

Onyx Cinema creative director Michael Shu was invited to speak at NAB, and it dawned on the Onyx Team that they don’t even have a reel. In 8 years, they’ve never made even ONE REEL!!! Time to get to work. So we made one. It was a fun trip down memory lane.


-“War of the Wolves” (2007)
-“Every 15 Minutes” (2011)
-“Otto: The Small Company That’s Huge” (2011)
-“Scarlet X”
-“Ya Los Angeles” (2012)
-“Unmentionables” (2012)
-“2F White Party 2012”
-“2012 Halloween Massive”


-“2F White Party 2013”
-“David Choi’s ‘Rollercoaster'” (2013)
-“Snapknot” (2013)
-“Technicolor: The Creative District” (2013)
-“Felicia Day’s ‘The 8-bit Haunting'” (2014)
-“Kina Grannis’ ‘Write it in the Sky'” (2014)
-“Jason Chen’s ‘I Hate Sorry'” (2014)
-“Trump National LA” (2015)
-“Rhiann and Cheetah” (2015)