Otto Instruments and Avionics // Corporate Film

commercial / documentary

Rickie contacted us from Otto Instruments asking if we can create a film that would “rally the troops”, allowing the employees of the company to look back at themselves with pride. Rickie loved our cinematic style, and we wanted to put that to use in something we haven’t done before at that time, which is to apply our cinematic skills to a corporate video.


Not everybody understood what we were doing (thinking it would be the usual boring video), but we pulled all the stops with multiple interviews, archival footage, sliders, steadicams, etc, you name it. At the time this was rare for a small corporate video, but we always give our 110% to anything we do. We definitely enjoyed the adventure, highly recommending capturing their interments at work on the airfield… and in the air! Originally, they were thinking of a traditional 10 minute piece, but in the end, they fell in love with our experimental short length.


When the employees saw the video, their morale increased greatly with pride in the company they worked so hard on. It became THE thing that they showed clients to help them understand what they were all about. We were definitely happy to be a part of communicating that to the world. 🙂