Unmentionables // Short Film


Displayed is the teaser of the short film. Director Michael Shu was accepted into the 2011-2012 “Armed with a Camera” fellowship program from Visual Communications. He brought in a screenplay by Owen Andrade that had a story unlike anything Michael had tackled before. The films the fellowship made were scheduled to be part of the LAAPAFF Film Festival, and Michael worked hard to make sure he gave a good entry.


With a tone and style inspired by the work of David Fincher and Ridley Scott, Michael took the quirky story and, with the help of the mentorship of Visual Communications, turned it into a dark story of pasts mingling with the present. Featuring the cinematography of Andy Chen, the Music of Chanda Yvette Dancy and the editing prowess of Yasu Tsuji.


A fan favorite of the AWC lineup at LAAPAFF, “Unmentionable” went on to be official selections of CAAMFEST, Vancouver Asian Film Festival and Boston Asian Film Festival. Michael eventually plans to create spinoff films of where the story can go from here.