Ya Los Angeles // Fashion Lifestyle Commercial


In February 2012, clothing manufacturer YA Los Angeles approached us to produce both photo and video for their booth at the MAGIC fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas – which was to start in 2 weeks. The 3 minute video was to be looped on their huge TV screens, to show not only their clothing but be fun and modern “lifestyle” photo and video presentations.


Shown here is our short demo version. We needed to get 6 wardrobe changes in 4-5 locations done within a day. To do both photo and video sessions in both was definitely a challenge, but we were not strangers to time constraints. This was one of the first DSLR/Red Scarlet run/gun shoots for us, and the combo worked admirably. We had tons of fun with Ya Los Angeles and their models exploring Newport Beach and we look forward to more shoots like these!


At the MAGIC trade show, the piece was shown on HUGE screens at Ya Los Angeles’s booth. We wish we were there to experience the grandeur, as it was a hit for people to experience while looking at the clothing in the booth.