Recmnd.Me Promotional Video

Onyx Cinema, Inc. helps launch the newest professional networking website, Recmnd.Me, where you can rank your coworkers and colleagues.

Onyx Cinema talks to CEO Jesse Gant as well as HR professional Aurelio Cerdas about how the concept of Recmnd.Me will change the referral process for professionals within all industries.

Featured on TechCrunch and SF Chronicle, linked below:

Recmnd.Me on TechCrunch
Recmnd.Me on SF Chronicle

The website already features talented professionals from IBM, Google, Oakly, Microsoft, Amazon and more!

Tech specs:
Shot on the Canon 7D and 5D on the Technicolor Cinestyle picture style. Audio recorded with sennheiser G2 lavalier and azden shotgun mic. Lit with a Kinoflo Diva light and Arri 650 Fresnel matched with the natural daylight coming into our location. Shot in Anaheim.

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