Sexy Lingerie Shoot with the Scarlet-X // Teaser

The sexy camera is brought onto a sexy shoot!

Boudoir Photo Shoot with the Steadicam Zephyr and Scarlet-X

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu, Anthony Vu and Georgia Yeh join forces to create the beautiful and sexy imagery that our cameras can capture.

The RED SCARLET-X is flown on the Steadicam Zephyr and given a slider treatment thanks to Midas Mount’s skate-rail dolly.

Scarlet-X with the Midas Mount Slider

The RED SCARLET-X is equipped with View Factor’s APU-IDX V-mount battery plate and is powered by VL batteries, mounted on a Zacuto Universal Baseplate joined with the Redrock Micro Shoulder Mount and microMattebox. We have the microMattebox on 15mm rails, so in order to get the mattebox to the correct height, we added the microLink3.

Here is the footage:

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