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Onyx Cinema’s First Studio!

We have been talking about it for a long while. We thought it was a pipe dream. But now it’s real. We have a space to call our own. Our home away from home. A place to collaborate with fellow filmmakers, photographers and all artists!

We so serious… but where are we?

Posing Onyx Style!

Oppa Onyx Style!

Nope, not done!
< Still not done! a href="http://www.onyxcinema.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Studio-Announcement-6.jpg">
Warming up for the final reveal!

Catching serious air!

We couldn’t resist making a gag out of the photo announcement :-)

It has been quite an adventure getting the studio filled with fun collaborative work spaces and a nice cushy reception area. All the teasers were elements of the character of the studio space and we can’t wait to share the fun with everybody!

Stay tuned for the details of our grand opening event!


“Unmentionables” // behind the scenes

Take a peek into what it took to put together the short film directed by Michael Shu under the mentorship of Visual Communications.

Appearing in this little montage is footage from the two main shoot days in the laundromat and basement. You can see just how much concentration all of the crew had… and then some random antics… Hey, when you’re shooting until 7AM, it’s bound to happen, yes?
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Otto Instruments // A Small Company That’s Huge

Otto Instruments and Avionics approached us about the idea to create a video to celebrate over 60 years in the aviation industry. We were struck by how Otto Instruments, within the corporate success, was such a close-knit family company at its core.
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Boudoir with RED SCARLET-X

A little while ago, we (Anthony, Georgia and Michael) all had the opportunity to test our SCARLET-X “Rockwell” on the Steadicam Zephyr and the Midas Mount on a boudoir shoot. We are having a blast filming with SCARLET-X.
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“Unmentionables” Shoot Day 1 – The Laundromat

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu directs “Unmentionables” as part of Visual Communications’ “Armed with a Camera” fellowship for 2012. Wrapping its first shoot day of principle photography at a Hollywood laundromat, the film is scheduled to screen at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific American Film Festival of 2012.

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