Taiwan 2012 – Blog Preview

For those stalking our facebook page, you may already know that we had been shipped out to Taipei, Taiwan a couple of times. We were hired as guest filmmakers to cover one of the biggest concerts of the year, with guests numbering tens of thousands Now, we have just returned from our second trip to the country formerly known as Formosa (for the uninitiated, check the Wikipedia page), this time for the Halloween party.

Ferry Corsten performing

These promotional videos will be released as tickets for the 2013 events are put on sale, and we’re really excited to give you an American preview of them very soon.

The summers in Taipei are brutally hot and humid, and walking around Taipei on our first trip definitely made us appreciate the temperate climate in Los Angeles. Oddly enough, in our trip trip for Halloween 2012, Taiwan actually had BETTER weather than Los Angeles, since LA was going through a heat wave while Taiwan was chilling down. That makes it much more comfy when lugging around loads of gear.

Before we got to work-work, of course we have to do some exploring. Taiwan is famous for its food, especially for the food found from its street vendors and night markets. In true blogger fashion, we have included some food pr0n for your salivating enjoyment. We tend to GAIN weight from these hard-work trips, but Taiwan kind of flips that around. Lots of nice noms. But we’re not here for vacation, we’re here to shoot!
Stay tuned for a full behind the scenes of our shoot in Taipei, Taiwan!

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