“Unmentionables” Shoot Day 1 – The Laundromat

Onyx Cinema’s Michael Shu directs “Unmentionables” as part of Visual Communications’ “Armed with a Camera” fellowship for 2012. Wrapping its first shoot day of principle photography at a Hollywood laundromat, the film is scheduled to screen at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific American Film Festival of 2012.

Alice Wen and Edward Rowley in the opening scene of “Unmentionables”

Penned by Owen Andrade, “Unmentionables” brings our hero into the dark pasts of others where he is faced with a decision of changing history. The 68 Degrees Films group – who Onyx Cinema’s Michael, Joseph Vu and Georgia Yeh are founding members of – teams up to make this film a reality.

Director of Photography Andy Chen and Director Michael Shu strike a pose as Sound Mixer Jakob Beetem does.. something

The first overnight day of shooting not only includes the main cast of Edward Rowley, Alice Wen and Luca Rodrigues, but also guest stars the 5 year old Anabelle Vu, who lit up the set with her adorable screen presence.

Director of Photography Andy Chen commands the camera, lighting and grip crew, utilizing Onyx Cinema’s new Red Scarlet-X camera. This one of the very first film productions in the world to be shot with the new model camera, and it has performed admirably as a very flexible and lightweight camera for its class.

Michael stands in as 1st AC Nick Bianchi preps Onyx Cinema

Also on the crew are 68 Degrees Films’ Elaine Shengya Hu, Jakob Beetem, Joseph Vu and Georgia Yeh.

More updates on the shoots as they come! Special thanks to Georgia Yeh of Georgia Yeh Photography for her behind the scenes work!

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