“Unmentionables” World Premiere at the Director’s Guild of America

Michael Shu’s short film for Visual Communications’ “Armed with a Camera” 2011-2012 fellowship premiered on Mother’s Day, May 13th atthe Director’s Guild of America’s grand Theater 1.

Hundreds of festival-goers filled up the theater and created great loving atmosphere as short films with engaging stories and cultural documentaries were shown.

above, Q & A session

“Unmentionables” garnered a great response from the audience and director Michael Shu was asked some good questions about the challenges of telling such a complex story with mystery and supernatural in just 5 minutes.

above, the fellows of Armed with a Camera 2012

above, the fellows of Armed with a Camera 2012

Attending was the cast: Edward Rowley, Alice Wen, and Luca Rodrigues.
The crew attending to support: Co-producer Georgia Yeh, Editor Yasu Tsuji, Art Director Elaine Shengya Hu, Sound engineer Jakob Beetem, Assistant Director Rock Chang and Composer Chanda Dancy.

Michael and Georgia’s mothers were in attendance and were given a shootout during the Q and A session afterwards.

Here’s the first of many festivals!

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