Ya Los Angeles // Fashion Lifestyle Shoot

A fusion of photo and cinema on a single day run/gun shoot across 6 locations!

In February, clothing manufacturer YA Los Angeles approached us to produce a video for their booth at the MAGIC fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas – which was to start in 2 weeks. The 3 minute video video was to be looped on their huge TV screens, to show not only their clothing but be a fun and modern “lifestyle” video. After looking at each other for a few seconds after hearing the short turnaround, we were game.

Presented here is a 1 minute web-friendly highlight reel of the footage we shot.

Michael and Anthony were on board to shoot video and Georgia directed photo in an intense single day shoot that featured a total of 6 locations and 6-7 wardrobe/style changes. Everybody was on their toes, and hair/makeup/stylists worked in unison with our photo/video team to make the day.

At first, with the time constraints we were originally thinking that the safe way to go was DSLR, with a little bit of Scarlet-X thrown in. After seeing the amount of latitude the Scarlet-X gave us at the first location, the Scarlet-X became our main camera… we went the other way around!

Michael had just finished his film production “Unmentionables” with the Scarlet-X, so this was a major switch from narrative film production camera-build to fully run/gun usage, and the camera performed admirably through some tough conditions.

Especially when jumping through the hoops with harsh light, stark shadow, and lighting color temperatures that were all over the place, we had little to no time to perfect our white balance and ISO settings. This is where the redcode really shined. During the post process, we were able to tweak the shot’s shooting settings to perfection, after the fact!

Here’s a challenge for you viewers out there. Can you tell the difference between DSLR footage (shot on technicolor cinestyle) and Red Scarlet-X footage?

Georgia’s photos can be seen on her photography website at www.georgiayeh.com

Onyx Cinema’s video playing before doors open!

Ya Los Angeles Website: www.yalosangeles.com
Makeup by KC Witkamp www.makeupbykc.com
Stylist Eddie Cook
Models: Stevie Scott and Tiffany Michelle
Special thanks to Ya Los Angeles’s Alex Conners

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